... taking the time to see
An image can rarely capture the total sensations of what the photographer experienced.    There are so many more dimensions than just the visual representation.  But,  "re-viewing"  the photograph can bring back many of those sensational memories to the photographer.  To that end, this collection of images brings me fond memories and great joy. 

I only wish that I could have shared the original experience with you, but hopefully you can take the time to absorb all of your own surroundings
The Garden
It is filled with boundless sights, aromas, and sounds.
A buttefrly stops by to gather pollen from a coneflower
The Garden
A bee joins in the hunt for food.
The Garden
Even the trees share their bounty
The Garden
Big sister steps to the front
The Garden
Will she?  Won't she?
The Garden
Iris taking a bow
The Garden
Someday I will grow up and bloom
... more to come
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